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Phenolic Labels

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If you are looking for high-quality phenolic labels and plastic engraved tags that are FAST and AFFORDABLE you have arrived at the right place!

With 40+ years in the construction industry we are able to gain the trust of electrical and mechanical contractors nationwide. We go out of our way to help them with their inspection necessities and deadlines. Countless times we have met contractors "down the road" and early mornings to deliver phenolic labels because an inspection snuck up on them with a lot of large issues to address because the small things were over-looked.

Our Phenolic labels and engraved plastic tags are made of high-quality material that is used indoor and outdoor. All of our labels are custom and come in a variety of colors. You will find our prices are unbeatable! If you are in need of a few or a few hundred, prices start at just 95 cents each!

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Below are a few examples of our tags.

Pricing Information

1" x 1" = 1.10
1" x 2" = 1.10
1" x 3" = 1.30
2" x 3" = 2.10
2" x 4" = 2.80
2" x 5" = 3.50
2" x 6" = 4.20
3" x 3" = 3.15
3" x 4" = 4.20
3" x 5" = 5.25
3" x 6" = 6.30
4" x 4" = 5.60
4" x 5" = 7.00
4" x 6" = 8.40
5" x 5" = 8.75

And so on... up to 12" x 24".
The sizes listed above are NOT THE ONLY SIZE WE MANUFACTURE! We can make any size tag. If you are looking for an "odd size" tag i.e, 1/2" x 1-1/4", no problem. The cost would be the same as a 1" x 2" tag ($1.10). There are no hidden setup fees for odd size tags. The cost for them will be the next size up.

For calculating sign costs, use this formula:
We charge .35 per square inch for material and engraving the text. Braille is extra. Example: A customer would like a sign that is 8" tall and 10" wide, how cost is calculated:
8 x 10 = 80 x .35 = $28.00
$28.00 would be the cost of the sign.

Do you need 2-sided tape applied or pre-drilled holes? Tape prices are .05 per label per piece. Meaning if you need tape on a 1" x 3" label the cost would be $1.35 each. If you need tape on a 2" x 4" label that would require 2 pieces (one on each end) & that would be .10 per label, total cost of $2.90 each. Pre-drilled holes are .05 per tag, label or sign. We put one hole centered on both the right and left side, unless otherwise requested.