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Flamingo Plastics has been in the plastic engraving business since 1965. Starting out with hot-stamped name tags for hotels, restaurants, and resorts in the central Florida area. We still do a few hot stamped badges, but with technology advancements in different application processes and detailed, more colorful logos we have begun to screen print them also. With 40+ years in the construction industry we are able to gain the trust and loyalty of electrical and mechanical contractors nationwide. We are a family run business with good old fashioned commitment to product excellence, and friendly, professional service at a fair price. We do not add hidden charges for engraving or inflate shipping costs. We are proud to boast that 95% of our customers have been with us for 10+ years.

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Q: Do you charge extra for engraving?
A: No, all our prices include the engraving, also keep in mind what all you need to have on each label or sign. For instance a label that is 1"x3" can hold 2 lines of 1/4" high text without looking crowded, if you need 3 lines you should consider a 1 1/2"x3" tag instead.

Q: Do all lines in the label or sign have to be the same size?
A: Not at all. Some customers ask specifically for the top line, or headline, to be larger. It gives the sign emphasis and is certain to get the attention desired. This is also used on electrical panels, or phenolic labels as well.

Q: How long does it take to receive the sign after the order is placed?
A: Most signs and labels are shipped the next business day, our business is located on the west coast of Florida, USPS (the united states postal service) arrives in-state around 2-4 days, UPS ground is the most common way and it usually takes 1-2 days in-state, and up to 4 days out west. When ordering you may request air shipping for faster delivery service.

Q: Do you engrave on metal?
A: No.

Q: Do you make trophies and/or plaques?
A: No, because we do not have accommodations for the inventory required. In a typical trophy shop there are hundreds of different interchangeable parts that need to be displayed for the consumer to create what it is they are looking for and we leave that for the trophy folks, that way we can handle our customers’ needs much faster.

Q: How tall do the letters need to be?

A: It is standard sign making practice that letters be 1" tall for every 25 ft. of distance. So, if you need your sign to be seen 50ft. away, the letters should be 2" tall.